SAm Tomasello g Art Director, Graphic Designer, and Illustrator for Web, TV, and Print
Tel.: 718.638.9848

Last updated, January 2005

SAm recently completed a series of over 50 Illustrations for signage at the New York Botanical Gardens
Everett ChildrenÕs Adventure Garden in the Bronx, New York. This work was done on an independent contractor
basis for Carbone Smolan, the award-winning design firm in New York City. Sizes of the signs vary, but all are
very large in format, for example 44 inches x 36 inches. Most of the signs are scenes featuring multiple plants
and animals in a natural setting. Others are single images involved in conveying information about food chains
or Question and Answer signs. Though the signage was created for a childrenÕs garden, the style is highly realistic
and detailed and is appropriate for all ages.

SAm's professional portrait as an Art Director, Designer, and Illustrator for the interactive medium has been
enhanced by new activities in TV and print. She completed several on air logos for Nickelodeon's
Cable TV offerings:
"Total Gross Out Saturday", "RU All That?", and "Pie-o-Gram". These broadcast logos
featured an engaging mixture of illustration and custom lettering.

Interactive projects include: Staten Island Academy website and Glaxo Smith Kline CD-ROM design
for Medialuna Productions, screen design for an After Effects animation promoting Mini-Movie CDsTM
for Odyssey Productions, and graphics for Concerto Office Telephone Systems website.

Branching into other mediums, she developed and launched a new line of 10 "teach & greet" greeting cards on
extreme life forms or "xtremofiles", a hot topic at the forefront of astrobiology. The American Museum of Natural History
featured this line of cards in their main store.

SAm is very involved in educational projects for kids and teens. She is working on aCD-ROM for children
aged 8-11 on extreme life forms in association with Medialuna Productions. She is also illustrating a children's book
she wrote last year. Ostensibly about the planets, the book focuses on the area where science and spirituality meet.

8/99 through 3/03
SAm acted as online art director, illustrator, and designer for major accounts at Luminant Worldwide.
Most of this work can be viewed at During her 2 1/2 years at Luminant, she was head Art Director
for M&M/Mars's and She developed sites for various line extensions:
Snickers Cruncher, Skittles Sours, Skittles Mint, and Skittles Green Apple. The goal of these sites was
to generate buzz and create awareness of new products without "cannibalizing" the original products' business
and popularity. She was also responsible for M&M/Mars's, a site designed to educate consumers
about the health benefits and the history of chocolate.

SAm was also involved in developing design options for the launch of, Mastercard's consumer site.
Following the launch, she spearheaded the creation of the site's Pre-Paid card Promotion, Major League Baseball
Sweepstakes, and Summer Escapes Promotion. This work as well as a Mastercard email campaign for Summer
Escapes can be seen at Maybelline was another of Luminant's main accounts.

SAm was responsible for several major seasonal promotional campaigns on Wet Shine Nail,
Log Onto Color, and Cool Effects Blush. Also, the Maybelline 5 site redesign, and Smooth Result Banner campaign.

She art directed the design for Nickelodeon's Creative Assets Library, an asset management tool for in-house use.

Lastly, she designed the DeBeers UK Spring Refresh Flash animation for the Trilogy ring on

1/96 to 7/99
At Citigate, the oldest PR and advertising firm in the U.S., SAm was lead designer on financial websites such as
First Union Capital Markets. Citigate was a leader in creating proprietary applications for sites that would generate
tombstone and other financial ads dynamically "on the fly". Tombstonelive and the Deutsche Bank Ad Manager were

two sites developed with this purpose in mind.
5/95 to 12/96
Downtown Digital or "DTD", was AT&T's new media shop in New York City. Originally chartered for Interactive TV
development, DTD switched to websites exclusively at the same time that SAm arrived. Some of the projects she was
responsible for were: Newsweek Interactive's Parents' Guide to ChildrenÍs Software site, College Bowl. the
Washington Post's election trivia game site in 1920s illustrative style, Sadlier> Publishing's,
and Bantam Doubleday Dell's romance novel site. AT&T funded much original content at DTD. SAm worked extensively
on "Kid-1", a site featuring outer-space games for young kids and "Herspace", a portal site for women's content on the web.
She also took on an independent VRML R&D project, creating 3D environments coded both by hand and using
Virtus Walkthrough software.
2/95 to 5/95
SAm got her start in interactive media at Time Warner Interactive Group in New York City, as one of three main
illustrators for the Baby Book CD-ROM version of Sears and Sears renowned book on parenting.

SAm completed some exciting project assignments during this period.

She illustrated shockwave games for Nick-at-Nite's "I Dress Lucy" and Nick Jr's "Everyday French with Pierre Escargot",
which introduced young kids to the French language.

She created a series of rooms from different time periods for Encyclopedia Britannica's "Inventors House" game
for kids, part of an educational 6 CD-ROM set. This work was done for a firm called Boing! in New York City.

Summer of 1994
Under the auspices of the International Interactive Communications Society, SAm was art director, illustrator, and designer
for a CD-ROM aimed at teaching conflict resolution to children on a pro bono basis for Children's Creative Response to Conflict Group
in upstate New York.

1/91 through 5/94
As a Senior Art Director at Price Waterhouse in New York City, SAm worked with firm partners to design high end print
marketing materials for all industry sectors. She created brochures for the following industries: aerospace and defense,
postal administrations abroad, environmental litigation, the petroleum industry, and inbound Korean business. She also art directed
the Price Waterhouse Review, PW's semi-annual PR magazine.

Editorial Illustration Clients
The New York Times Sunday Magazine and OpEd page, Business Week, New York Magazine, The Boston Globe,
Mobile Office Magazine, Sacramento News and Review, and Supermarket News.

Computer Skills
Flash, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Fractal Painter. Familiarity with Adobe Premiere, Quark Xpress, and Adobe After Effects.

Education g
SAm earned her B.A in Graphic Design at the Academy of Art College in San Francisco, California.

Before concentrating in graphic design, she studied English and American Literature, Art History, and Creative Writing
for two years at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor Michigan.

Awards and Honors
WEB AWARDS 2000..........For
LONDON ADTECH AWARD..........M&M Mars Colorworks animated banner ad
YAHOO..........Review of Newsweek Interactive Parents Guide to ChildrenÍs Software
GENIE AWARD..........For Delphi Internet site illustration "Black Cats and Vampire Bats"
NEW YORK TIMES CYBERTIMES..........Review of Herspace, a site for women and teen girls
AMERICAN ILLUSTRATION 9 ANNUAL..........Two unpublished personal pieces on New York
DESI AWARD..........Price Waterhouse Environmental Litigation brochure
GRAPHIC DESIGN: USA..........Personal magazine profile for design of corporate literature.
PRINT MAGAZINE..........Award for art direction of the Price Waterhouse Review
a short biographical note
SAm was born and raised in Chicago. Before coming to New York she lived for 3 years in Japan, two of them in Tokyo, teaching
English conversation to Japanese businessmen, factory personnel, and high school students, and doing illustration as time allowed.